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Not only are males more likely to be infected with RMSF, they are also more likely to die from it

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That would be a Global WOW moment.

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Yahoo Inc also lost its initialpost-market gains, trading flat after its results, while CSXCorp held on to slight after-hour gains.

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Phase 0 trials are also called micro-dosing studies, exploratory Investigational New Drug (IND) trials, or early phase I trials

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Dean Funari pointed out that the benefits of such research, can't- be underestimated

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in a critical location (e.g., intracranial, gastrointestinal, retroperitoneal, pericardial) occur, treatment

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Just a quick spray in the mouth whenever you feel you want a cigarette, and the craving disappears in less than a minute and does not return for a long time

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